Frequent Questions On Financing An Engagement Ring

Once you’ve an concept in mind, you’ll have to find a jeweler who can do a custom design. Start with a jeweler you understand and trust, if you have one. Often, your individual jeweler could have someone in-house who can create custom designs or can refer you to a trusted colleague.

Wayfair Financing: What You Have To Know

If you’re unsure whether or not a ring you’re looking at is excessive or low set, attempt looking at where its middle gemstone’s culet rests. If the culet of the middle stone is close to or nearly touching the inside fringe of the ring’s band, it’s a low set ring. If there’s a lot of space between the center stone’s culet and the inside fringe of the ring’s band, it’s a high set ring. Whether a ring is high set or low set depends on the place its heart stone lies. If you take a glance at a ring from the facet and its heart diamond or gemstone is elevated excessive off the band, it’s a excessive set ring.

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