A Detailed Guide To Horse Panels

Also known as livestock panels or corral panels, horse panels in Brisbane are generally used to encircle horses or large livestock to ensure their safety and keep the unwanted animals out. They can be designed into multiple types of pipes with diverse attachments.

At CanDoo Rural, we supply a wide range of horse panels systems and accessories for horses, foals and other livestock. The horse panels can be easily installed that they can improve your working efficiency.

Types of Horse Panels

  1. Powder Painted Horse Panel– On one hand, the powder coated horse panels resist corrosion, alkali, water and sunshine. On the other hand, the painted surfaces make your horse panels attractive.
  2. Galvanized Horse Panels– Galvanized corral panels are zinc-coated that can resist corrosion and the J-legs are permanent that can prevent the panels from sinking down.
  3. Round Pen Panels– The panels are firmly structured with cross and vertical rails. The hooks on the corners can keep your animals safe and prevent your horses from stepping out of their head through the panels.
  4. Welded Wire Horse Panels– The welded wire horse panels are specially designed for foals to protect them and keep the unwanted large animals out. Besides, the tight wire mesh prevents foals from casting their heads or stepping out of the mesh
  5. Horse Panels Feeding Racks– The feeding racks are amongst the local farm supplies that are vertically welded so that they have enough space for horses to extend their heads and necks when eating and drinking.

Applications of Horse Panels

  1. Horse Enclosure– Horse panels can be used to encircle horses and keep unwanted predators out on farmland or exterior environments.
  2. Horse panels for round pens, arenas– Our horse panels are ideal for horses at a round pens, show, rodeo. The stable J-legs and round corners keep the horses safe.
  3. For traveling with your beloved horse– Portable corral panels are lightweight and can be easily carried on the trailer for further traveling. You can take hay and buckets to feed the horses.
  4. For feeding & safety in stable– Feeding racks ensure the horses have a permanent position to eat. They avoid horses fighting in struggling for food. Meanwhile, they can keep the stable clean.
  5. For enclosing new-born foals– The welded wire mesh at the bottom mainly keeps foals or tiny horses. It prevents foals stepping out and getting injured.
  6. For providing shelter for horses– Horse panel shelters protect horses from sunshine and rain in summer and snow or wind in winter. The shelters ensure horses’ comfort and health.

Being a reputed service provider for horse panels, we make sure that the quality of the products is superior and the size of products are available. What’s more, we can customize the products according to your request and provide you with superb after-sales service.

No matter what type of rural supplies in Brisbane you are in search of, do not hesitate to check out our website CanDoo Rural!


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